Introducing Love! Kumara

Our New Love! Kumara Brand Gives You More To Love

Love! Kumara is the new brand of kumara launched by Delta Produce growers in 2012. And Love! Kumara is truly a multi-part love story! First, we know kumara is loved by Kiwis. Over 75% of New Zealanders eat kumara on a regular basis, making it one of our most popular vegetables. Second, our growers love growing it. All of Delta’s growers grow only kumara – making it their labour of love. It also means they are focussed on bringing you the best kumara they can grow so you come back for it again and again. Finally, did you know the kumara plant  has beautiful heart shaped leaves? It’s no wonder we’ve fallen in love with kumara!

At Delta Produce, we’ve been working hard to grow kumara you can love even more so we are proud to introduce you to our new products.

Love! Kumara Smooth As Easi-Peels, 900g bags
Varieties Available: Red, Orange and Gold

Recently, when we talked with kumara consumers, we discovered that while Kiwis love the taste of kumara, they don’t so much love peeling kumara – especially the knobbly bits. So at Delta, we decided to do things a little differently, in order to grow more of the smoother, medium sized kumara consumers told us they wanted.

As a result, we are pleased to offer you our Love! Kumara Smooth As Easi-Peels. These 900g bags are filled with the same kumara you love, just grown and sorted a little differently. In each bag you get:
– Smooth (not knobbly) kumara that is easy to peel, cut and serve
– Consistent, medium sized kumara for perfect portions and no waste
– 900g bags which typically have 4-5 kumara inside

Kumara Lovers
Sometimes…a name says it all. The newest products on offer from Delta Produce are our 1.4kg Love Kumara bags. Featuring smooth kumara, but in slightly larger portion sizes, these are the bags real kumara lovers buy. Easy to prep, easy to use and with a larger bag size, there will be plenty for all the kumara lovers in your household

Love! Kumara Little Gourmets
Varieties Available: Red and Gold

Kumara lovers also told us they love the ease and convenience of sweet, whole baby kumara, but didn’t like the fiddly peeling. So again, we now grow and specially select our Little Gourmets just to meet your needs.

Our 500g packs of Little Gourmets feature whole baby kumara, specially sorted to be a bit smoother and more evenly sized. With no nooks or knobbly bits, they are quick and easy to use. Simply rinse, dry, then cook. They are ideal for roasting, baking or boiling as their even sizing and small size ensures they cook quickly and evenly.

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