Love! Kumara Recipes

It’s not hard to love kumara. With three colours to choose from, each with its own unique taste and texture, kumara is an incredibly versatile vegetable. Consider the possibilities!

They can be oven roasted, baked, boiled and mashed, steamed, BBQed or microwaved whole. They can be wedged, chipped, cubed, pureed, diced or sliced into rounds. They can be used in soups, salads, sides, curries, lasagne, hangis and even dessert. No wonder this versatile veggie is loved by Kiwis!

To showcase kumara’s versatility, we thought we would share some kumara recipes from the websites, blogs and food writers we think are doing amazing things with kumara. Here is our current Love! Kumara Top 5. (Do you have a favourite recipe website? Blogger that you follow? If yes, please share! Either email us the link or share it via our Facebook page: lovekumara.)

Love! Kumara’s Top 5 Recipe Links (For Now – Subject To Change Frequently!!)

1) At Love! Kumara, we are big fans of the Healthy Food Guide for their delicious, yet common sense approach to healthy food. We love what they’ve done with the beautiful Gold kumara in this recipe. Roasted Golden Kumara with Spicy Honey Dressing from

2) Try this healthy Lasagne with Sweet Potato (Orange Kumara) and Bean from the Better Health Channel.

3) Quinoa is all the rage at the moment as it is a high protein grain. Try this delicious looking Quinoa salad, which can be made with either red, gold or orange kumara. Sweet Potato and Quinoa Salad by Mark

4) has a range of different recipes using kumara/sweet potato. One of our favourites is this Brazilian Black Bean Stew. Either the red or orange kumara can be used. Brazilian Black Bean Stew at

5) There is a quirky food blog called and she does a lovely Pasta with Roasted Kumara, Fried Sage and Feta that sounds both unique and delicious.

Our top tips

As kumara growers, we often get asked for our kumara top tips. Here’s a few suggestions for you from a growers (and growers’ wives!) point of view.

While we understand the need to peel, try to leave the skin on maybe every 3rd time you cook with it. There is so much goodness and fibre and vitamins in the skin, every now and then,  leave it on. Our new, Love! Kumara 500g Little Gourmets are a perfect, skin-on, pack. Small, whole, tender baby kumara are sorted for size, smoothness and quality. Don’t peel them – just rinse, dry and roast or cook to your preference.

To bake kumara whole, simply prick the skin and place in medium oven (170-180C) for 45 to 50 minutes. Perfect to make when you have the oven on for other meals. Serve the whole baked kumara for lunch the following day. Our new, Love! Kumara Easi-Peels, while specially selected for easy-peeling, are perfect for cooking whole in their skins thanks to their consistent, medium size. They will always cook evenly because we specially sort them for consistent size and shape.

For tasty kumara chips using the Orange Kumara (Sweet Potato), here are some great video links for perfect chips every time. Or, visit another non-Kiwi kumara fan’s blog at

If you have a BBQ, another way to make great kumara chips is on the BBQ, where some smoke and a bit of grease spackle won’t hurt anything or set off a smoke detector. Simply fire up the grill plate of the BBQ, coat with a bit of oil but not excessively so, then throw the kumara chips/wedges on the grill. The BBQ gives them a smokey, crispy finish and the fact you can be a bit more irresponsible with the quantity of oil they cook in means they end up with a fabulous soft/crisp texture.

Got a recipe you love? Got a website or blog you are a fan of? Share it.

Facebook is a great place for sharing and we are hoping to acquire a network of 250 – 500+ Love! Kumara fans over the next few months. If you’ve come across a blog or a recipe you love, share it with us via Facebook: lovekumara OR email us and we will share it via Facebook on your behalf. There are just too many clever, fabulous cooks out there who love kumara and we want to showcase, capture and share the best of their work.

Selecting & Storing Your Kumara

Kumara loves:

- Being stored in a cool, dry, place like your pantry. The best temperature is about 14ºC.
- Being handled carefully. They may look tough, but just like any veggie, they can bruise.
- Being eaten within a week or two of purchase. Kumara lasts for ages, but the fresher they are, the tastier and healthier they are.

Kumara does not love:

- The fridge. This is a big no-no as it can cause them go hard in the middle.
- Heat.  Your kumara will start growing little sprouty bits if they’re kept too warm.
- Plastic. To keep them at their best, remove from their bag and store in a cool, well-ventilated dark place.

Love! Kumara Recipes and Ideas from YouTube:

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