Love! Kumara Varieties

A Taste and Texture For Everyone to Love

Kumara used to come in ‘red’ or ‘red’. Not any more. While we still grow plenty of this popular Kiwi favourite, we’ve found that Kiwi tastebuds also love the sweeter taste of Gold kumara and the rich, moist flavour and easy versatility of Orange kumara. So at Delta, we grow ‘em all!

Owairaka Red Kumara: The Traditional Kiwi Favourite

Loved for its firm texture and delightful, mellow taste, New Zealand’s traditional red kumara is quintessentially Kiwi! While suitable for most purposes, it performs best when used for roasting, baking, chips or wedges. Red kumara holds its shape, making it suitable for salads or cooked dishes like curries. It’s also delicious sliced and cooked on the BBQ.

Beauregard Orange Kumara (Sweet Potato): The Versatile Veggie

Originating in the United States (where it is known as the sweet potato), orange kumara have a melt-in-your-mouth texture and a rich, sweet taste. Their higher moisture content makes them ideal for mashing, soups, chips and baking in the skin. This is one versatile veggie as not only can it do savoury flavours, it can do sweet as well. Orange kumara is the variety often used in muffins, cakes and desserts.

TokaToka Gold Kumara: The Soft Sweetie

Named after TokaToka Peak near Dargaville, the gold kumara is this least known of the kumara varities, but is one most preferred by our kumara growers (and they know a thing or two about kumara!) It has a soft, smooth texture with a delicate, sweet taste. Another versatile variety, it can be enjoyed most ways, but is ideally suited for wedges, chips, mashing and roasting. It’s beautiful golden colour is an eye catching addition to roasted vegies or try it sliced on the BBQ for a quick and easy idea.

New Purple Dawn Kumara – Fresh and Natural Beauty

If you love the red, gold or orange kumara described here, you’ll love the newest addition to our kumara family – purple kumara. With deep purple skin and purple flesh that holds its colour when cooked, you’ll fall in love with kumara all over again. Versatile, nourishing and oh-so purple, simply get cooking and enjoy. Our purple beauties are ideal for mashing, making chips or turning into a wickedly purple soup or dip.

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